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Testimonial Pelanggan

Kami adalah Mitra Bisnis Anda, kepuasan pelanggan sangat penting bagi kami dan kami melakukan segala yang kami bisa untuk membuat pelanggan kami senang.
“Pelayanan dan Mintenancenya bagus, komunikasi mudah sangat kooperatif.. bagus hasilnya sangat bersaing dengan jasa SEO saingan. semoga kerjasama jasa SEO Spesialis dengan konsumen semakin lebih baik dan maju buat web konsumen juga web spesialisseo.com menjadi nomor satu ( 1) di Indonesia. “ – Puthut
suzuki soloSuzuki Solo Yogyakarta
“kerjanya bagus untuk SEO nya bisa meningkat rangkingnya, mudah2an efeknya bagus ke web sy, aulia bekerja sangat profesional. “ – taufik
Jasa Desain RumahGDR Architect Jasa Desain Rumah Jakarta
“Setelah mencari dan menemukan beberapa perusahaan yang berbeda, saya membaca beberapa artikel SEO yang ditulis oleh Aulia. Kontak awal saya ketika membangun kepercayaan hilang dengan perusahaan lain. Situs kami sangat meningkat dalam beberapa bulan terakhir. Kami sudah memutuskan agar mentransfer kampanye AdWords untuk spesialisseo.com, keputusan ini menunjukkan peningkatan yang tinggi dalam menghasilkan konversi dari uang yang diinvestasikan. Aulia secara konsisten terhadap klien sangat jujur dan jelas dalam penagihan dan memiliki semua jawaban yang saya cari. “ – Solahart
solahartsolahart Jakarta
“Setelah memindahkan situs kami dari platform yang berbeda kami mencari seseorang yang dapat membantu kami membangun situs profesional yang dirancang dengan baik juga dengan penekanan pada SEO. Aulia dari spesialis seo lah awal yang kami temukan pada pencarian di google, setelah mencoba tatap muka melalui panggilan video skype, kami yakin dia adalah orang yang tepat untuk bekerja dengan kami. Kami butuh beberapa bulan untuk membangun website, dan selama proses Aulia sangat sabar dan segera menanggapi banyak perubahan yang kami buat sepanjang waktu. Dia selalu siap dan mampu membantu, menjelaskan dan membimbing kita dengan rincian yang kecil atau konsep gambaran yang besar. kita sudah melihat peningkatan kunjungan mesin pencari secara organik. Kami sangat senang dengan fungsi dan tampilan situs.” – MitraTech
United States
“Menelaos continues to provide EquipNet with clear consultation and targeted improvements to make sure that we have excellent SEO results. spesialisseo also created a responsive web design for our company over the summer months. The expectations were set appropriately and the work was done on time and on budget. We’ve been very happy with the work and the communications so far.” – Ben Potenza
Ben Potenza
VP of Marketing
United States
“Aulia just finished designing and building our new website. This is our third site design and build but our first with spesialisseo. Here is the difference with Aulia. He was always waiting on us to get things done instead of us waiting on the webmaster! He would handle changes typically in less than 24 hours. He stayed completely within his estimated budget. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t get a better value. Add to this the fact that it is all designed with SEO in mind and not just function and appearance. We are very pleased and looking forward to seeing his SEO process unfold.” – DR David Russ
David Russ (PhD)
North Carolina
United States
“Our new website went live last week. spesialisseo.com has made excellent job delivering promptly within the set timeframes. What we were particularly concerned was the performance of the new site on smartphones and tablets and admittedly the work done is exceptional! The interactivity of the new site with our facebook, google plus and linkedin page is also state of the art and works great. We are very happy to work with an internet company that understands the peculiarities of the legal market and are looking forward to continue our cooperation in the marketing and promotion of our new site. We would certainly recommend spesialisseo.com as a reliable and trustworthy partner..” – Christophoros Christophi
Christophoros Christophi
“The great thing about working with Aulia at spesialisseo.com is that he makes the whole project of building a WordPress based website and blog easy like pie. I only had to deliver my vision and the content. Aulia is very professional, knowledgeable, patient and truly reliable. He even responds to emails on weekends and holidays. He has helped me to understand the process of SEO and steps involved in building a successful web site. I have no hesitation recommending spesialisseo.com to anyone who wants to build a search engine optimized website/blog.” – Tanja Knapp
Tanja KnappTanja Knapp
“I have just started to work with Aulia from spesialisseo and it has been the best customer service and customer care I have ever encountered. The work that we have done so far for my SEO has been comprehensive and the process has been transparent and ethical. Transparency and efficiency are so hard to find.  I have dealt with a lot of different IT companies. Some say one thing and do another, some you never hear back from. Some it is so badly done that you just want give up on the project all together. Aulia has resolved issues I had for days with my website in mere minutes. From the get go, you know you are in good hands. The SEO AUDIT I received was well written and thorough. Read the blog, talk to Aulia and do yourself hire Aulia, it will be the best investment you will ever make.” – Jerome Scullino
Jerome ScullinoJerome Scullino
Fine Art Photographer
“What I enjoy most about SPESIALISSEO is the great service you receive. Quick replies to emails, a personal approach and an overall professional way of working. The SEO audit report we ordered was of high-quality, with many strong recommendations and supported with real data. It is like receiving a SWOT analysis for your website. In addition, Aulia provides practical and easy-to-follow advice, which has saved us a lot of time.  However, what I appreciate most is his approach to SEO: no link-building or black-hat tricks. Instead, he focuses on creating high-quality content, engaging with (potential) customers and optimizing the website for both visitors and search engines. A great all-round approach. I would recommend getting the SEO AUDIT REPORT to start with, it’s very affordable and –if you follow his advice- guarantees a high return on investment.” – Duco Van Breemen
Duco Van BreemenDuco Van Breemen
Project Manager
Shanghai City
“Aulia SEO audit was a great value for my website as we found many errors and even spam that my former SEO person had placed. Thanks to the Aulia audit, we’re optimizing my site to run efficiently and to keep climbing up the rankings!” – Chris Matsui
Chris MatsuiChris M
Personal Trainer
New York City
United States
“Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a reliable and trustworthy company in the SEO field. This is not the case with spesialisseo. We started working with them when we wanted to improve the search engine rankings for one of our sites. We really enjoyed their expertise and flexibility – so much so that, shortly afterwards, we also hired them to design a new website for us. Sometimes, when writing a testimonial you may have to think hard to find nice things to say about a company, but in the case of spesialisseo, this was not difficult to do at all: Excellent customer support, great service, reasonable prices – What else is there to ask for?” – Ray Rosales
Ray RonsalesRay Ronsales
FX Market Consultant
United States
“I am running a company that offers the finest villas and apartments for rent in Italy and particularly Sicily. The Internet is an important tool for our business to find new customers and make more bookings. I was looking for a company that can take care of our online presence so that we can concentrate on what we know best. Hiring Aulia and spesialisseo was one of the best business decisions we made. They are experts in their field, they have excellent customer support service and they always make you feel that you are in good hands. At first we had doubts about their services because the prices were very low compared to other companies but soon enough we realized that they are just a great agency with good prices! Thanks Aulia and I will see you in Sicily next summer!” – Massimo Provenza
Massimo ProvenzaMassimo Provenza
General Manager
United Kingdom
“After deciding to migrate our business website to wordpress, I wanted to make sure that it was optimized for search engines before going live. I searched Google for more information about on-page SEO and this is where I found Aulia and spesialisseo.COM, and I am glad I did! At first I had some concerns about working with a company based in Europe but from the very beginning I understood that this was not a problem at all. The service I received from spesialisseo was great – fast responses to email, quality work and detail replies to my concerns. On top of that, the price I had to pay for their SEO services was not bad either. You can hire Aulia and spesialisseo without second thoughts, they are for sure a reliable business partner!” – Govi Reddy
Govi ReddyGovi Reddy
United States
“I was referred to Aulia- spesialisseo.com- by a friend of mine who’s very knowledgeable about technical mattes and very prudent with spending money. When I first spoke to Aulia by Skype and I explained what I needed he listened carefully and then restated what he understood. He knew what I meant with my non-technical expressions and he reconfirmed and gave me suggestions that would meet my needs. (Before we even signed a contract however my site was hacked and conducting phishing- he fixed it and had it back on McAfee clean site list in no time).
We used emails then met several times by Skype to review the options he sent. He was patient but very judicious in his use of both my time and his. I gave him feedback and my desires for the site and he made it all happen. I love the website I have- it’s what I wanted and more! Above everything he is a pleasure to deal with and his ideas are always helpful. I would recommend him without hesitation.”- Neil Priel
Neil PrielNeil Priel
Founder / Managing Director
“I contacted Aulia after having read some of his blogs. Like most small online businesses with budget constraints, we were struggling to stand out from the crowd. We knew our website and sales could be improved so we asked spesialisseo to conduct an SEO report for us. Following the initial analysis, Aulia designed a short-term financial package to suit our needs, which is why we decided to take the plunge and throw ourselves into the daunting social media world. spesialisseo got us started by setting up and managing the required social media accounts for us. Throughout the process, Aulia showed great responsiveness and patience. He dealt with our urgent emails and concerns in a professional manner. We have already increased our customer base and we will certainly use spesialisseo again for future projects. We highly recommend them. “ – Christelle, owner Hispanic Living
Christelle, Hispanic LivingChristelle
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